São Paulo Burger Quest – Butcher’s Market

This week, I tried a São Paulo standard in the gourmet burger scene. I was harassed for weeks to go this burger joint that is located in the posh neighborhood known as Itaim Bibi.


 Butcher’s Market


valet asked me for a photo

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We went for lunch to try one of the most popular places in São Paulo. My expectations were really high. Known as one of the first gourmet burger restaurants, Butcher’s models itself as NY Burger joint. Since it was lunchtime, we had the option to add fries or a salad for an extra R$ 5. I went for the salad option and ordered a separate side of fries to split.


Cajun Fries  – PASS!! Tasted like the fries were covered in flour and then fried. There was no cajun flavor at all. We had to drown them in ketchup to halfway enjoy them.



Market Orignal – A beautiful  looking sandwich with good ingredients, but the medium burger was more like……raw. There was no flavor in the meat at all.



None – just had a bottle of water for lunch.


The service was ok. Nothing to  write home about. I was annoyed that they tried to bring two fistfuls of 5 centavos coins as part of my change.


Felt more like I was paying for the location, and decorations. Butcher’s is a more expensive place and it just wasn’t the worth the price for the quality of the burger. I left feeling very unsatisfied. Maybe the food is better at night and with a couple of beers but in future I’m going to have to Pass on Butcher’s Market.

Personal Recommendation:

Save your money and go check out Meat’s or Vapor


Butcher’s Market

Rua Bandeira Paulista, 164

Itaim Bibi, São Paulo